Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Ideas-about-Ideas, Short Films & Images

If I think about doing a short film, I can come up with an idea. But as the ideas accumulate, I wonder how I would find the time to make all these short films.
But what I have been observing lately is that these ideas are engaged in something like an evolutionary battle for which ideas will just be text on paper; and which ones will trimuph and inspire an actual completed film. I realize too that other ideas are just building blocks to a larger project; or, they may simply inspire the completion of what's already in the works.

I've been thinking about my film Strange Attractor" lately and have been considering going back to the original idea for Strange Attractor which was for it to be a real "emotionally dark" - black & white short, using an equally haunting score by ambient electronic musician Richard Bone.

I'm okay with current version of "Strange attractor" (including the planned 2009 'restoration'). But I now see that its time to complete the original idea for the black & white version.

Interesting that this particular idea, dormant for several years, has re-appeared as a result of improved digital tools and new inspiration. It appears that Strange Attractor, is once again on my mind and I have some ideas for it.

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