Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mastering a Master

Hey "A Produce". I just wanted to leave you an e-note that finally this week I am at peace with my computers and for the last few days I'm back to working on version 5 of "Outskirts of Infinity". It's being creatively improved to release the full potential of my original ideas.

What made me think of you tonight is I'm currently mastering-for-film your song "Within Reach" from "White Sands". See photo in this post. I made it really warmer and spatial. With headphones it kind of envelopes you. Can't wait to both see and hear it when the DVD comes out soon. By the way, I used Audio Cleaning Lab 12 to do the trick.
Anyhow, I was really appreciating your work and feeling good that we're collaborating on some real special stuff. Good night (well, not quite yet for me...) Bart

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