Thursday, April 24, 2008

Disc & Jewel Case Labels

I was thinking today as I was designing labels and creating promotional artwork for my film "Day Residue"; that although most think this aspect of filmmaking to be equivalent of mundane 'paperwork', I had a different attitude. I looked at the DVD jacket and disc art as a chance to illuminate artistic visual elements of the film.

A single frame from thousands of images within the film, provides an opportunity to convey additional information about the work or in the case of a DVD case, intice a potential viewer to watch the film. This manual effort in a way, should be cherished by the independent filmmaker. Because in a way you are as close to the film as you're ever going to get. As filmmakers get into bigger productions, this work is provided to a member of the production team. That may be fine if your team member is a cool artist. But once your vision is sent-off to a film studio's marketing department - something special will invariably be lost.

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