Friday, April 18, 2008

'Intangible' to be shown at Arizona International Film Festival

On April 24th, 'Intangible' will be shown at Arizona International Film Festival, along with other Arizona film shorts beginning at 6:00pm.

From the AIFF website:

INTANGIBLE Barton Santello , USA, 2007, 8 min.
"An experimental montage features vague fragments of time in restored 8mm. film stock. Grainy artifacts of family history bring to life eerie, joyful shadows from the past. By provoking emotions rather than telling a story, the haunting score and beautifully fragile, time-weathered images incite feelings of nostalgia for long forgotten memories. Barton Santello makes his home in Arivaca, Arizona, and creates multi-media projects that reach his audience through feelings rather than language. His films are open to interpretation depending on the viewer's mood and viewing perspective."
For information on the Arizona International Film Festival including a schedule of films and events, please follow this link: AIFF

Viewer's comment: What a beautiful film! It brought tears to my eyes. The slow motion; the music; and the title Intangible. Perfection.....Dan (Massachusetts)

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