Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Harddrive Crash Sets Website Release Back

Psychotropic Films Press Release
Arivaca, AZ

A harddrive crash on the administrative computer of Psychotropic Films, wiped-out 4-months of programing effort, just short of the launch of the company's website. Although the computer's files were backed-up just a few weeks prior to the crash, a key program file containing the HTML code of the website was not backed-up because it resided in the program's proprietary directory, rather than the "My Webs" folder where all the graphic elements for the site were stored.

Principal and filmmaker Barton Santello expressed extreme disappointment at this latest setback to establishing an online presence and completing a artistic multi-media project. Santello confides: "I was using a new authoring tool (NetObjects Fusion 8), so not only did I have to ramp-up the learning curve for the software, but I was trying to mold my vision for the site into the capability of the software."

Santello says: "Since I'm not a website developer, I don't have any preconceived notions of how a website should be constructed: Therefore, my concept was that the layout of the website will take the visitor on a journey through the filmmaker's mind, allowing navigation through the subconscious, altered states, dreams and the mind's link with the Internet's own developing consciousness. All of which relate back and represent completed films, films under production and ideas."

Redevelopment of the website will commence in the late fall of 2005. Stay tuned.

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