Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Email to Richard Bone


I really appreciate your support on these projects. I wonder what it must feel like to be in your shoes - having someone else take what you created and put it into a form unimagined?

Actually I may turn the tables on you here. The Strange Attractor I'm editing now is different than what I imagined the film to be. It's now colorized black and white video as opposed to stark B&W. Also, I decided to incorporate some of the unrehearsed performances of the actors into the film, which created a new perspective that ended-up working with the music from COXA. However, in additon; I may create the B&W version and give it to you, A PRODUCE and others, to play with from a soundscape standpoint (remember my idea about having several muscians, each originating a soundtrack based on their inner interpretation of the film!) There would be no time limit or obligation: Just a seed waiting to germinate and sprout.

I liken what other artists do similiar to a pure element in nature (the Periodic Table of the Elements). And also my films as a pure element. Then what I do is combine the two elements together like a chemist to create a new compound (e.g. two parts hydrogen & one part oxygen = water).

Regarding the bats disc. I don't know if anything could be done with it from a sonic standpoint, but I have used it as a relaxation exercise (meditative I guess like you mentioned).

Wait to you see what's coming together for my time filming in the ghost town of Ruby. It's a real 'psychotropic' piece called "Outskirts of Infinity". A PRODUCE is providing the sonic for that. It may have a clip or two of the bats, but I don't know what I'm going to do with all the bat footage - I would say at least a million pour out of that cave!!

Take care, Bart

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