Thursday, November 21, 2019

Pentax KS-1 for Experimental Photography and Film

With regards to digital cameras, there are hidden gems discarded from the recent past as we chase the next camera technological innovations or photography and video.  I came across the Pentax KS-1 produced for only 6-months in 2014.  It features a large high resolution 20 megapixel image sensor that offers excellent clarity and detail thanks to a Shake Reduction system and no anti-moire filter to interfere with sharpness.  But what really grabbed my attention was an effects filter setting called "Bold Monochrome" for high contrast B&W photography and video.  I created a blog to display images produced by this camera in Bold Monochrome.  For use in video, the look is almost like 16mm B&W reversal film.  Link to blog below.

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