Monday, November 18, 2019

INTANGIBLE (Ver 2) - Updated & Remastered 2019 Release in HD

Back in 2007 I released what now can be considered a prototype film - INTANGIBLE.  But I always wanted to re-release the film with new elements and with the films scanned in HD.  This final mastered version has been completed and will have its premier at 'The Screening Room' in Tucson, Saturday November 23rd as part of The Screening Rooms 30th anniversary.

Intangible will also screen at the Arivaca Film Exhibition on March 7th, 2020

Psychotropic Films presents a Bart Santello presents digital motion picture - "Intangible", a unique an original assembly of decades-old 8mm film.  Fragmented images of fading memory, embodied in decaying film, chosen for their visual texture & artistic quality, are presented in a dream-like sequence, that awaken a perception of a past - long forgotten by time.

Intangible: "..That which cannot be easily defined, formulated or grasped; vague.."

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