Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Road Storm

The image below is a photo of the promotional graphic for "Road Storm" a forthcoming experiential digital project by Psychotropic Films.  A beautiful and incredibly chaotic lightning bolt was captured from a 1/30th of a second frame of digital video. The lightning bolt was not retouched; it's shown as photographed then was incorporated as a graphic element into the film's promotional art.


My motivation for Road Storm was to create an experiential film to communicate an unexpected storm event, experienced one night along the 25-miles of the Arivaca Road in July of 2014.  More importantly the unexpected is what one experiences routinely living along the Arivaca Road. Road Storm is a memory of that event.

The sound design I created for the work, came primarily from audio field recordings of the summer monsoon storms in southern Arizona.  The combination of the audio layered over the storm imagery creates a powerful sensory dynamic.

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