Tuesday, August 30, 2005

"The Outskirts of Infinity" Completes Filming

PRESS RELEASE - Psychotropic Films
Arivaca, AZ

Shot in the ghost-town of Ruby, Arizona, Barton Santello's new film "The Outskirts of Infinity" was recently wrapped. The images recorded will be combined with a music score by veteran trance musician "A Produce" to achieve a heavy "Psychotropic" effect. Filmmaker Barton Santello lays in: "I'm going to have fun in post-production with this one - anything goes." Further adding: "I'm doing this film for me. If you want to come along for the ride you're welcome. Expect the psychotropics spread on thick like peanut butter. And don't be surprised if the entire film has no context other then to mess with your head."

Details of the film are shrouded in secret: However, filming took place in the mine shafts of Ruby, with the caretaker, and exclusive footage of millions of bats pouring out of a cave.

Relase of the film is expected by the end of this year (2005).

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