Sunday, July 17, 2005

Strange Attractor Update

On July 16th, the filming of Strange Attractor was completed. A big milestone for 2005. Now comes the hard (fun) part of digital filmmaking: Take the film and put it in my 'form'. My form being the most present-moment I can take this material. While simultaneously using technology tools that are both state-of-the-art and vintage (I like the vintage equipment, especially my Amiga 1000.)

Strange Attractor it seems, upon inspection of the video run through the Amiga 1000's LIVE! videoprocessing board, will be better served, viewed as two seperate films. The first version will be a hip retro image (as processsed by the LIVE! video card on the Amiga) digitally crafted via LIVE!'s vintage software in real time as the video is recorded raw off digital tape.

The second film will be the black and white version of my original vision for the films's presentation.

Both versions will have music provided couresty of Richard Bone {

The result is my original design for the film; with the bonus of a seperate present-moment artistic version film, from the same source material. The best of both worlds.

Bart Santello

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