Monday, February 13, 2017

MZUNGU to Screen at the Arivaca Film Exhibition

Psychotropic Films is proud to announce the screening of MZUNGU - A Stranger's Dream in Africa at the Arivaca Independent Filmmakers Exhibition on Saturday March 4th at 12:45pm, as part of the program's afternoon documentary program.

Post-production for MZUNGU took 10-years to complete due to both the artistic and technical challenges inherent in the complexity of the production.

Bart Santello, MZUNGU's director says that the technical challenges stemmed from the fact that filming used a 2005-vintage Sony TRV-38 digital camera, recording onto Mini-DV tape (SD). The film also used a couple of consumer-based digital cameras at the time that only recorded in 480P!

So scaling-up the footage to look presentable on today's modern HDTV's (2K) was a considerable effort.  Where the imaging was inadequate, the images were processed to create and artistic effect.

Psychotropic Films employs a 'sub-conscious' filmmaking process in which a film is created based inspired images based on an idea (concept).  The film was assembled like a giant jigsaw puzzle of visual 'elements', over the years slowly revealing the experience of two months in Rwanda and Uganda -  a memory of that experience.  The result is a 'dream-like' imagery and sound experience, which provides the viewer an experience as if they have woken-up inside a dream.

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