Saturday, December 26, 2015

Road Storm submitted to the Arizona International Film Festival (April, 2016)


The Arizona International Film Festival is having a "Short-Shorts" program for films less than 5-minutes, so last month I was finishing-up the sound design for my short digital film "Road Storm"; and decided to see if it was something the AIFF thought interesting and artistically creative enough to add into the program for April 2016. So I submitted it tonight. I wanted to express in "Road Storm" the varieties of experience one has traveling frequently along the 23+ mile Arivaca Road to Arivaca Arizona. In the case of this film, a severe monsoon electrical storm occurred in Arivaca in August of 2014. I happened to be driving along late at night up the Arivaca Road, right into the middle of it. So knowing its that season I had a GroPro camera I pulled over to install on the dash. I had to work fast to make the recording of the storm happen. Editing reduced 30-mintues of video into 2-minutes. What added the artistic element to the piece was several years of micro-burst storm field recordings I conducted in Arivaca. Fantastic storms they were to record and just be part of: But what to do with the material? That's how Road Storm evolved - The coming together of the imagery and my archive of recordings. Like pieces of the puzzle. But the real bonus was working with some real advanced digital-audio tools; from Magix, Izotope and Sony to bring the sonic into full-spectrum. Look for ROAD STORM in 2016! - Bart Santello

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