Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Editing The Unknown

Scott Hellon (back left) / Bart Santello (front right) at the post-production studio of Psychotropic Films, downtown Phoenix

It was a fantastic past 7-days.  Scott Hellon of Point of View Pictures came up from Tucson and in a week of what I would call a video-editing jam session.  We were able to motivate each other and to collaborate on our current film projects.  We also watched some of our own work and provided each other background on the filmic thought process behind our ideas for film.

We did a really cool experiment converting 16mm film to digital using a telescene method of filming and recording digitally.  The film was an old industrial film - the look was beautiful meaning it contained a lot of artistic elements.  It was a great feeling to realize what was just a hunch, is now the basis for a possible new film.

I enjoyed helping Scott evaluate the editing of his feature "Decision to Ask Why".  The film's ambitious independent effort, that is now what I'm beginning to see as Scott's unique filmmaking style.

All week I kept thinking "....I'm having a good time."

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Gary said...

I don't know. There is something about you and your world, Bart. It reminds me of the limitless possibilities in life that tend to be obscured by the quotidian scrim of popular culture.