Saturday, August 22, 2009

"A Produce": Soundscapes for Film

A Produce in his LA studio (August 2009)
Photo & Artwork by Bart Santello (background image: NASA)

I was in Los Angeles last week, so A Produce and I got together to watch a re-crafted version of my film Man Trap which I plan to show at the 2010 Arivaca Independent Filmmakers Exhibition. The film features the A Produce soundscape "You Send Me the Message" from his album Altara with Mike Griffin from Hypnos Recordings. The 36-minute sonic tome was ideal sound design to imagine the bleak industrial landscape conveyed in Man Trap.
We spent a good part of the day listening to music and sound design that may be applicable to current and future films that Psychotropic Films has under development. A Produce will be providing several songs in support of the forthcoming film "Mzungu" a dream-like journey into the heart of Africa. Also, the future feature-length space film "Echoes of Apollo" will have music exclusively from A Produce.
My philosophy is that a musician should develop a idea independently. What I do as the filmmaker is find a place for the soundscape with the appropriate imagery. The result: A Psycho-active film experience.

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