Friday, February 27, 2009

"Outskirts of Infinity" to screen at Arivaca Independent Filmmakers Exhibition

Newly released version 6.0 of "The Outskirts of Infinity" will show Saturday March 7th, 2009 at the Arivaca Independent Filmmakers Exhibition. See website for details:

Version 6.0 came about after the master (software) editing file for version 4.0 was found to be corrupted. A backup of verision 3.0 was used to rebuild the film. However during this re-editing process, ideas to bring this film to its full artistic potential were realized.

New creative 'elements' were added, such as an actual Jaguar image photographed in the Ruby area. The Jaguar tied-in beautifully with artist Peggy Kane's Jaguar Shaman painting in Sundog's cabin at Ruby. The inclusion of these images has now provided a symbolic gateway, linking the past with the present.

Additional film clips utilized from the only surviving 8mm footage of Ruby from 1939 (known as the 'Crabtree' film), were selected to reflect a sense of a time long since forgotten.

Also, precision editing has helped improve the flow, pacing and transitions throughout the film.
Psycho-active effects were added and optimized. The film's texture and color were re-crafted as necessary for maximum effect.

Finally, in post-production, the film was rendered in two-channel Dolby Digital Stereo and enhanced for wide-screen (16x9) televisions.

A poster for the screening of 'Outskirts' can be viewed by clicking here: POSTER

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