Friday, January 19, 2007

"Louie The Giant" Now Live


Digital filmmaker Barton Santello in collaboration with Lou Binik and Robbie Maslen, present a unique and original film short restoration-remake.

Louie The Giant - is an 8mm Binik/Maslen home movie production from 1966. In this remake, the original film experiment is recreated employing digital post-production tools.

To accomplish this recreation, additional 8mm film footage was culled from the archival 8mm film supplied Binik/Maslen. This discovered footage (not part of the original 'Louie The Giant' film) added depth to the original film and the inclusion of a psycho-active soundtrack, completes the viewing experience envisioned from the ideas of filmmaker Barton Santello.

Watch "Louie The Giant" (Remake - 2006 Psychotropic Films)

Watch "Louie The Giant" (Original -1966 Binik/Maslen Production)

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