Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Filming in Africa

For the past two months I have been traveling in Africa (South Africa, Rwanda and Uganda). Although the trip was primarily undertaken for wildlife viewing, I brought my film and sound recording equipment and captured what I could along the way.

I want to create a film based on my travels that conveys my experience in Africa by extracting artistic elements of footage taken on the journey. I possibly want to present contrasts between what I actually saw in Africa, compared to my perceptions, myths and history of that continent. I'm also considering the juxapositions of: people/nature; peace/violence; and colonialism/ indigeneous cultures.

As typical with a majority of my work, I film what I feel is artistically, emotionally and aestetically important and then later in post-production, create a film bringing together elements of imagery and sound to create a story.

I also recorded sounds while in Africa. I probably have enough material for two CD's. One on nature sounds and the other compilation will just be the sounds of Africa.

Barton Santello
Arivaca, Arizona
Nov 1, 2006