Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Press Release: "Day Residue" Completed

For Immediate Release:

Filmmaker Barton Santello announces the completion of an new film short "Day Residue" featuring an exciting soundscape by ambient/electronic musician Richard Bone. The film is summarized as the filmmaker's perceptions of life in Aricaca, Arizona, as told through the day residue (analog) images and computer (digital) graphics.

The film will be debuted at the Arivaca Independent Filmmakers Exhibition in Arivaca, Arizona on April 29th. For more information, contact the filmmaker at info@psychotropicfilms.com.


prathap said...

i am an aspiring film maker,would want to know more on your films and interests,i have some short film scripts too,we can share our views on films and film making,

Lou said...

Is "Day Residue" available on line?

Barton said...

Yes, Day Residue can be viewed at the musician's site: www.RichardBone.com Click on "Visuals", then "Videos" and you'll find it!