Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Press Release: "Day Residue" Completed

For Immediate Release:

Filmmaker Barton Santello announces the completion of an new film short "Day Residue" featuring an exciting soundscape by ambient/electronic musician Richard Bone. The film is summarized as the filmmaker's perceptions of life in Aricaca, Arizona, as told through the day residue (analog) images and computer (digital) graphics.

The film will be debuted at the Arivaca Independent Filmmakers Exhibition in Arivaca, Arizona on April 29th. For more information, contact the filmmaker at info@psychotropicfilms.com.

Arizona International Film Festival

For Immediate Release:

Filmmaker Barton Santello is proud to announce that his 2006 film: "The Outskirts of Infinity" has been selected for screening at this year's Arizona International Film Festival in Tucson.

The film is summarized as follows:

This work expresses the filmmaker’s artistic vision of visual opportunities present in an Arizona ghost town. Images of the ghost town; archival footage; the secret life of the sole caretaker and the flight of migratory bats, are inexplicably woven into a mysterious tapestry of storied images unbounded by a sense of time.

"I orignally went to the ghost town of Ruby, Arizona to film migratory bats that reside in an abandoned mine shaft and possibly make a wildlife documentary. However, after spending several weeks in the town, time getting to know the caretaker and filming old ruins, I knew the film was going to become something bigger. As typical with my productions, I filmed first and put the movie together later. I trusted the present moment experiences I had on film and used several 'psycho-active' soundscapes from 'A Produce'. The finished production more than exceeded my expectations for the 'form' of film I want to create" - Barton Santello

Additonal details on "Outskirts" and its showing at the Arizona International Film Festival will be forthcoming.