Thursday, January 26, 2006

Outskirts: Richard Bone Weighs In

I just finished viewing "The Outskirts of Infinity" and it's truly a haunting work. The feelings that constantly swept over me while watching it were of being trapped in a twilight state between existence and non existence. It wasn't until I saw on the closing credits where Sundog is listed as "the man between two worlds" that I realized how clearly you conveyed this feeling. It's surreal of course but it's more than that. As if I were glimpsing the dream that shadows have when they sleep!

Two images especially haunted me. First the ballerina dancing as the scene crossfades onto an old piano and secondly, the closing shot where Sundog descends to...where? Back to a waking state, perhaps?

I loved it and Barry's music (A Produce) is perfection, chilling. Your work continues to evolve and become more sophisticated, if that's the right word. Perhaps your cinematic vision is becoming more clearly defined would be more accurate. In any cause, I was captivated and genuinely unsettled by the piece.
Especially considering that last night I had experienced a most disturbing nightmare. "Outskirts" brought those emotions back to the surface!

Can't wait to see what you do next....Just hope I'm part of it.

Regards, Richard Bone

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