Saturday, December 26, 2015

Road Storm submitted to the Arizona International Film Festival (April, 2016)


The Arizona International Film Festival is having a "Short-Shorts" program for films less than 5-minutes, so last month I was finishing-up the sound design for my short digital film "Road Storm"; and decided to see if it was something the AIFF thought interesting and artistically creative enough to add into the program for April 2016. So I submitted it tonight. I wanted to express in "Road Storm" the varieties of experience one has traveling frequently along the 23+ mile Arivaca Road to Arivaca Arizona. In the case of this film, a severe monsoon electrical storm occurred in Arivaca in August of 2014. I happened to be driving along late at night up the Arivaca Road, right into the middle of it. So knowing its that season I had a GroPro camera I pulled over to install on the dash. I had to work fast to make the recording of the storm happen. Editing reduced 30-mintues of video into 2-minutes. What added the artistic element to the piece was several years of micro-burst storm field recordings I conducted in Arivaca. Fantastic storms they were to record and just be part of: But what to do with the material? That's how Road Storm evolved - The coming together of the imagery and my archive of recordings. Like pieces of the puzzle. But the real bonus was working with some real advanced digital-audio tools; from Magix, Izotope and Sony to bring the sonic into full-spectrum. Look for ROAD STORM in 2016! - Bart Santello

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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Photographs from WASTELANDER

Director Angelo Lopes is behind the forthcoming independent post-apocalyptic film WASTERLANDER

 Director Angelo Lopes behind the mic

Trina Boutin & Jim Rundell (Costumes and Effects)

Carol Cardenas is the lead female role in WASTELANDER

Jon Proudstar - Actor WASTELANDER 

Talent: Brendan Guy Murphy & Sian Vilaire

Scott Hellon - Producer
Production Company: Point of View Pictures 

All photos by Bart Santello 
Taken at the Tucson Convention Center
November 8. 2015 

2015 Psychotropic FilmsTM

Friday, September 11, 2015

New Video Logo For Psychotropic Films


                        Created by Bart Santello for Psychotropic Films. 

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Road Storm

The image below is a photo of the promotional graphic for "Road Storm" a forthcoming experiential digital project by Psychotropic Films.  A beautiful and incredibly chaotic lightning bolt was captured from a 1/30th of a second frame of digital video. The lightning bolt was not retouched; it's shown as photographed then was incorporated as a graphic element into the film's promotional art.


My motivation for Road Storm was to create an experiential film to communicate an unexpected storm event, experienced one night along the 25-miles of the Arivaca Road in July of 2014.  More importantly the unexpected is what one experiences routinely living along the Arivaca Road. Road Storm is a memory of that event.

The sound design I created for the work, came primarily from audio field recordings of the summer monsoon storms in southern Arizona.  The combination of the audio layered over the storm imagery creates a powerful sensory dynamic.

Sunday, March 29, 2015


MZUNGU: A Stranger's Dream in Africa
Director: Bart Santello

(above pic) A screen shot from MZUNGU:  A dusty Rwandan road leads to a mountain known to be inhabited by Gorillas.

It would be really cool if I could complete this film by mid-2015, provided the sound-design doesn't get too complicated; and I can complete a complex edit on the final scene known to me as the "Chip Riot". We'll see how everything goes. 

A mysterious image appears in Bart Santello's forthcoming work 'MZUNGU'.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Previsualizations Appear

Photo: Educator Gina Aroneo in her classroom 
at Barry Goldwater High School, Phoenix 

Gina is the writer/producer for the forthcoming Spaces Between Time film.  I posted a scene element (as I call it) here on VIMEO 

This scene is meant to create a mystery that's linked to a scene from "Outskirts of Infinity

Although this screen shot is darker than it will appear in the film, it is the look I settled on in the segment, in order to bring Gina to the center of attention and minimize the less interesting elements in the wide angle shot.  

In addition, I wanted to add a psycho-social element to the look of the scene.  I wanted to convey, in effect, that she's talking to herself.  The students appear marginalized by the blurring-effect, suggesting marginalization and eventual disassociation.  This isolation is also evident in the imagery of the school in the short.