Monday, April 25, 2011

Short Film Filmmakers

Arizona's Independent Filmmakers with screenings at the 2011 Arizona International Film Festival on April 6th - Tucson. Left-to-Right: Joel Lopez, Brendan Guy Murphy, Bart Santello, Trevvor Riley, and Oscar Jimenez.   For a review of  all the short films screened at the AIFF. see TucsonFilmmakerMagazineOnline

Monday, April 11, 2011

Tucson Review of Man Trap

Here's a link to a review of my film Man Trap with a music score by A PRODUCE.  Man trap was shown at the 2011 Arizona International Film Festival this past April 6th. The review was conducted by Jean Jessup for her film blog "Movie Reviews from a Spiritual Perspective"

Review Link: MAN TRAP Review

I found the review a lucid assessment of how this reviewer perceived her experience of the film. Bart

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Man Trap to Screen in Tucson April 6th

Psychotropic Films is proud to announce that Man Trap, a film about industrial landscapes, machines and the humans that tend to them, will screen Wednsday night April 6th, 2011 - 8pm - at the Screening Room, on Congress Street in Tucson as part of the 2011 Arizona International Film Festival's local short-film program.

On Man Trap - From the Filmmaker Bart Santello:  Deep inside the military-industrial complex, humans toil with technology to assist machines in birthing even more powerful devices.  These counter-intuitive symbols have detached us from our natural world.  Yet machines have become our children and technology our new nature.  Our obsession with technology has evolved the industrial landscape - the ‘man trap’.   Profoundly, each day, we enter the “man trap” to tend to the machines of our creation.”  

"Man Trap" was created from the conscious intention to visually exhibit a factory environment through a series of industrial portraits.  The photographic method intended to artistically capture a hidden visual aesthetic - with images derived from a seemingly an uninspired mechanized landscape.

As machines and technology become more embedded in the conduct of our lives, we have to channel more and more of our time and energy into developing and maintaining these complex machines.

Today, we are making a conscious choice to abandon nature and embrace technology as our source of life. Now in the 21st century it has become apparent that we are engaged in a symbiotic relationship with machines; one of co-evolution and perceived survival.

However, in this seemingly counter-intuitive relationship, humans obsessed with technology have become marginalized. At the same time, machines work tirelessly to build more and more powerful devices.

Integral to delivering the emotional impact of the film is a haunting psycho-active soundscape "You Send Me The Message" by electronic -trance electronic musicians 'A Produce' and 'M. Griffin', from the album "Altara".  (