Saturday, October 30, 2010

Editing Rooms

I find contrast in the two creative spaces I have established for myself. One in the city, the other in a remote desert sanctuary.  I'm aware at a conscious level the contradiction they represent; because these environments symbolize themes that shadow most of my films: Humans/technology and digital/analog.

Phoenix, Arizona- 2010

Digital: The city conveys the omnipresence of technology, the power of digital technology and the efficiency in production that machines can bring. When I sit at my editing suite in the city, I know I can apply ideas and get things done.

Looking out at this modern city, I can't help but think my life inside an modern-day empire and its place in history.  I always find myself scanning the landscape and observing: All with the hope that from my perch I can watch everything play itself out and adjust as necessary.

As the city illuminates the darkness, I think of the meaning of our place at this moment..... That perception of reality is what my films are all about.
 Psychotrpic Films Studio - Downtown Phoenix

The Outskirts of Arivaca, Arizona
Anasazi inspired 'kiva' editing room (under construction) - adobe, Arivaca , Arizona builder - Bart Santello, creator of Psychotropic Films.
Analog: In another place will be an editing room like no other.  A space literally rooted in the earth - inspired by ancient peoples that made due for centuries in a harsh climate. This space symbolizes transcending back to that time by recreating their architecture, then being able to immerse myself in it.  While constructing this building, now in its fourth year, I want to translate that sense of craftsmanship into my films.  But also I believe that being in that natural structure proven by ancient-engineering, will allow myself to connect with something more transcendental.  I can't think of a better environment to develop new ideas in digital film making.

I like to keep one eye looking toward the future, the other eye back into the past.  Each approach is a balance.  For good reason.