Friday, November 16, 2007

deb010805 - filmed in PIXELVISION

View film on YouTube: deb010805 (ver 2.0)

Deb010805 is an experimental film that was the result of exploring textures possible with specially-fitted effects controls on a vintage Fisher-Price PXL2000 video camera. The resulting film is a perspective of reality, created from the digital circuitry of a primitive imaging machine (the PXL2000).

My original intention when filming was only to familiarize myself with the camera and discover the boundaries of "PIXELVISION". Upon review of the shot footage, I realized that there was significant noise in the image; more than likely caused by the recording cassette tape I used may not have been the highest-quality Chromium tape recommended by the product's manufacturer.

Also the camera's primitive (1980's vintage) video processing circuitry may have been over-saturated by one or more of the adjustments I made on the ‘modded’ control knobs.
However, upon a detailed review of the video, artistic visual elements revealed themselves and a film was created from these elements by bringing to the foreground, hidden visual artifacts, moods and textures, derived from the camera’s attempt to capture reality. A psycho-active sound track was selected to compliment the visual elements, with the video then edited to the cadence of the soundtrack in a music-video fashion, thus weaving the resultant texture of the piece.

This film was originally completed in 2005, but I wasn't completely satisfied with the release. Recently I was motivated to reconsider the piece and spent several days reviewing original material and re-mapping the film to irealize its full potential. I am now satisfied having eliminated the artistic concerns with the original version.

This film is the digital equivalent of analog decay as shown in my film "Intangible" click the following link for viewing at