Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Intangible: "..that which cannot be easily defined, formulated or grasped; vague.."

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Digital filmmaker Bart Santello presents a unique an original picture assembled from decades old 8mm film.

Textured visuals chosen for their artistic quality, are presented in a dream-like sequence and choreographed with a thematic score by electronic musicians A Produce & Loren Nerell. The resulting dream-like journey recalls fragments of memory long forgotten by time.

Digital filmmaker Bart Santello discusses the project: "I was facing some technical issues working on 'Mzungu' a film I shot in East Africa last year. Instead of losing momentum, I decided to jump onto restoring some old family 8mm film footage. About the same time I got a call from musician 'A Produce'. He was excited about new music he developed with Loren Nerell that was shaping-up nicely. A Produce emailed me a MP3 of an ambient music piece under development for my impression.  As I 
listened to the song while working on the 8mm footage, I noticed that artistic elements of the old film had transcendental 'intangible' qualities which perfectly complimented this vague - ethereal music from A Produce.  At that moment I realized a new film idea was discovered; and that's how the film 'Intangible' came about.  In 5-days post-production of the film was completed. It just happened.

This film can be viewed on http://youtube.com/watch?v=bfR_nr6a_TU