Thursday, December 28, 2006

Arivaca Film Expo & Call For Submissions

The 2nd annual Arivaca Independent Filmmaker's Exposition will be held on Saturday March 24th at the Community Center in Arivaca, Arizona. The event will be sponsored in part by Barton Santello & Psychotropic Films, with the purpose to bring independent films to a rural audience and at the same time provide Arizona filmmaker's an outlet to show their creative and documentary work.

Format for this film exposition will be to show documentaries and feature films, animations and documentaries during the day and short experimental films during the evening program. Documentaries selected will discuss or portray local (Southwest US, Mexico & Central American events and issues.

If you are an Arizona filmmaker, multi-media artist, actor in film, or knows someone who has a film that can be submitted, contact Barton Santello at 480-620-5386, or mail your entry
to P.O. Box 778, Arivaca, AZ 85601.

Note(s): 1) This is not a 'judged' film event.
2) There are no entry fees.
3) Formats for screening (DVD, Video CD, VHS, Mini-DV Tape)

See link for further information:

Updates will be posted to:
as planning for event continues

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Video Postcard - Arivaca Folklorico

Psychotropic Flims announces the release of "Arivaca Folklorico" a Barton Santello picture. Using only a Nikon Coolpix digital camera, this 4-minute 'video postcard' captures the essence of rural Arivaca, a rural Arizona community, in the mountains at the international border with Mexico.

You can watch 'Arivaca Folklorico' by clicking on the link below - Don't forget to turn up the volume on your computer:

Note: If the video is slighly choppy during playback, click button below and right of the screen to reduce its size.