Saturday, February 25, 2006

A Film New Called "Day Residue"

My head was all stressed out over nothing; but it was just pent-up mental energy required to tie up some loose ends incubating a new film. A visual outline of some creative seeds I planted, became known – and I saw the link to some other mindful moments I filmed over the past 6-months.

The result will be a film unveiled as series of present-moment experiences, inter-woven into a dreamlike visual tapestry. I’m going to call it “Day Residue”, because that’s exactly what it is and consistent with my 'form' for film.

Richard Bone will be providing the soundscape; and as demonstrated in "Strange Attractor" and "Flow", promises to be another exceptional union of sound and visual imagery.

Now I know I’m on the right track. What a relief: This is one film I don’t want to let stand idle and begin to decay. This concept is essentially the day residue of what it is like to live inside the ‘dream’ of being in Arivaca. From this point forward, until it’s completed, I’m just going with that.

Barton Santello
Arivaca, AZ