Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Brenda's Blog on "Psychotropic Films"

RE: http://brendareviews.blogspot.com/

Dear Bart,

This reviewer page is an elegant post-modern multi-layer psycho-social cross-cultural addition to your work. I can see this evolving into a form in which the observer(s) is(are) part of the artistic creation and esthetic experience to be shared. It is sort of between passive experience of art and performance art in which observers are an active participant in creating the experience.

This is a refreshing alternative to what we see all too often with gifted people: preaching, getting on a soap box, talking at people, forcing an opinion or perspective onto others. Instead, metaphorically, you are inviting people into your home, a place where cognition itself is appreciated and encouraged without any investment in a particular outcome to the personal cognitive act.

Some skeptics might say that this (i.e., valuing experience over outcome) is self indulgent if not frankly hedonistic. I submit that such a judgment misses the point, or at least the potential, of your work as an exemplar of an art form. The intent is not even to achieve a particular experience or attendant emotions (happiness, sadness, fear, or whatever). In fact, your work often leads to unexpected experiences and to unwanted emotions.

I cannot help imposing my own pedagogical perspective on your work. I would say, if there is an agenda, it is to provide observers and participants with opportunities for psychological growth and development. Phenomenology or simple reflection is a skill like anything other. A developing individual needs practice and experience with difficult material or situations which prepares one for the uncertain or unfamiliar. Meta-cognitively, one must learn to learn. For me, this is the esthetic opportunity your work provides.

I look forward to watching how your work and this integral weblog unfolds.

Warm regards,

Gary Riccio, Ph.D., B.S.E.
Nascent Science & Technology, Inc.
12 Massasoit Way
Mattapoisett, MA 02739-1028