Thursday, September 15, 2005

Phoenix Film Festival

Psychotropic Films - Press Release
Arivaca, AZ

Psychotropic Films announces the submission of it new release, "Strange Attractor", to the Phoenix Film Festival. Submission to the film festival does not guaranty acceptance. Filmmaker Barton Santello adds: "Digital filmmaking is ubiquitious these days and I'm sure the judges struggle as they wade through hundred's of short films." "I hope that the retro-graphics as rendered by my vintage Amiga Computer, along with a unique story presentation, and delivered along with a solid musical score by ambient/electronica musician Richard Bone, tip the scales in our favor."

Notification of acceptance or rejection of this entry to the Phoenix Film Festival will occur at the beginning of 2006.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Strange Attractor - A Barton Santello Film

My new film "Strange Attractor" can be viewed on the website of Richard Bone, who is musician that provided the soundtrack for the film.

Go to:

Then click on "Visuals" then "Videos"