Friday, March 04, 2005


Email conversation with A Produce

Bart Santello: Yea, just like the Planet of the Apes series, the Man Trap film keeps having reincarnations of its own. I know what you're thinking at this moment: "Leave well enough alone", but this is the point of 'present moment film making'. Yea, I thought the film was 'final' back in the fall. But I just filmed another cool scene the other day, and tonight started manipulating the image on the cinematic computer - bingo - not only did I get the scene to fit within the existing length of the film, I realized I had an opportunity to tweak and edit other clips - The result is a definitely improved film...Now, after I make those new copies for you, you will soon have version 4.1 (kind of like software, without the upgrade cost and compatibility issues- ha!), and you can view it to your heart's content to find these new mods. Your soundtrack was left without modification.

PS: I have a new version of my digital editing software on order, which will have the capability to produce 'surround sound' and 16 x 9 wide-screen format. I will then convert the film to wide-screen since the video I filmed is wider than your TV set. So in v4.1.1 of ManTrap you'll see it presented in: "Bart-O-Vision".

It's going to be an exciting year, I've generated so many ideas for films without effort; they are falling into the palm of my hand. I'm even dreaming the scenes AND in a passive-lucid sense editing them too. This is all happening in real time; it's all happening now!!

My latest idea came while listening to the first track of Robert Rich's "Below Zero", it reminded me of the different stages of sleep (hypnagogic, REM, NonREM, Hypnapompic) and the imagery associated with it. Then I realized that I need to make a film that visually portrays each of these stages of sleep. I mean, I've been keeping a dream log for 25 years, you would think I have some insight and raw material for this!! You want to work a soundtrack for this one? Take your time. This project is several years out (that's because the effort to portray what the mind is creating visually each second is staggering).

A Produce: In effect, that what "Smile On The Void" was supposedly all about. I'm not sure I nailed it quite in the same way Robert Rich did. You should really order his "Somnium" 7 hr audio DVD--it's quite amazing to have on in the house at various volumes for that period of time. As you probably know, he used to perform these things live, and I actually witnessed one in '96 in Santa Monica. It was one of the more memorable experiences of my life....

Bart: And that's where my vintage Amiga multi-media computers come in. I've been buying Amiga Software and primitive video processing boards on eBay for pennies, what you couldn't touch for hundreds in there heyday. Just tools for the tool box.

A Produce: Great! It always good to have some out-dated gear that nobody thinks has value anymore, but where imagination is the key. You've got a lock on stuff that no one even thinks about anymore. I'm in somewhat the same "dilemma"--most of the gear in my studio now is considered "vintage" but it gets me where I want to go which is really all I'm interested in these days.

Bart: Also, there are some things I need to film once I'm down Arivaca. It struck me tonight that maybe this is where Jack Gariss comes in...It's just a hunch...You know what I'm talking about..

A Produce: I just made a dub of a board tape (not off the radio) of a show Jack did way back in '77 that kicked off a series on creativity. You may find it useful, if not for a show, just for the experiencing of the moment. There are seven "moments" in this series. This is the first one, and it's on its way to you...