Wednesday, February 25, 2004

"Bent" Casio SK-1 Keyboard

Email to the "Junk-Junkie"

I was talking to my musician friend about the "modded" and 'circuit-bent' 1986-vintage Casio SK-1 synthesizer purchase and he thought I should be using digital music creation software instead (cheaper/better). I was thinking that it is probably true that I can create a greater range of sounds using software, but I have two reasons why the SK-1 is a cool choice: 1) I think it is better to create music using "analog" input such as having a keyboard to touch knobs and sample. It's like drafting board for design: Sure you can use CAD software, but there is nothing like pencil-to-paper with an eraser nearby and you feel the creation is coming from you and not via a computer interface. 2) I look at the 'circuit-bending' work you are doing and consider it an art form. It's like going into a gallery, seeing a cool painting and saying: "I want that on my wall".