Sunday, June 08, 2003

Chicken Scratch a Post Post-Postmodern Film

I completed a short digital film this weekend called "Chicken Scratch". It came out of an idea from a gathering in March 2002, of people interested in Postmodern thinking and art. Attendees brought their own postmodern art, but we collaborated on a few multi-media pieces during the event. The idea was to dip a chicken's feet in paint and have it walk around on a canvas and that would be a (Postmodern) art piece. Not only the art on the canvas would be Postmodern, but so would the film documenting the chicken doing its thing. Well it never happened that day, but just last week I was talking with my friend Gina and she said that there was a chicken in her backyard, so lets make the movie. We did. Viewing the finished piece last night, I realized that because the film had no expectations or boundaries - just imagination, it reached a whole new level. Now I'm starting to think this may be one of my best works to date.